Arnica oil benefits

Arnica Oil: Unveiling A Wonder Herb

What is Arnica Oil and Where is it found?

Among today’s trusted herbal solutions, arnica oil is celebrated¬†as a go-to for pain-relief and more. Its health-promoting properties are being used extensively in conventional and herbal medicine. Arnica oil benefits add well to your First aid kit and promise to relieve one of sports-related hurt or strain or bruises or sprains.

Arnica belongs to a genus of flowering plants with bright ray flowers, of the daisy family. It is native to Siberia and parts of Europe. Some sightings of it locate the flower in North America.

It grows to over 2 feet in length and blossoms with three flowers. The plant is also known to grow at high altitudes; some have been seen at heights of 3,000 feet above sea level. Discovery has it that the aromatic pungency of the plant’s flower is connected to the heights of soil where it is planted. So that the higher, the more aromatic it becomes.

 Arnica oil benefits
What does it do? (Features and the Problems it solves)

Arnica offers medicinal extractions which have resolved human health challenges for more than a century. The herbal medical needs of over 200 million people are being resolved. Little wonder arnica is known. The root, stem, and flowers have been put to use to resolve human health challenges like a cough and chest pains. As stated earlier, Its flowers, bright orange rays and some of the dark hue, possess an aroma wonder. An endowment of nature. Today, perfumes, cosmetic products, anti-dandruff solutions, beautifying body lotions are products composed partly of the beneficial extracts of the wonder plant. Arnica. Arnica oil, pellets, gels and creams are available at stores near you.

Although toxicity levels in the plant are for real, as many experts even advice that users stay away from using the plant for aromatherapy, arnica still offers answers in other highly needed aspects. For instance, its oil shrinks swellings, safeguards users from infections of bacteria, viruses and other micro-agents of diseases. In sports, the arnica solution helps sports people deal with injuries, pain, athlete foot, and more.

The following are the constituents of arnica oil: 50 percent fatty acids, linolenic, palmitic, linoleic and myristic acids. It has thymol, several kinds of ethers of thymol, thymohydroquinone dimethyl ether and phlorol isobutyrate.

How does Arnica oil Heal?

The thymol derivative of the plant’s oil is sorted for the overwhelming anti-inflammatory solutions.

Thymol also helps alleviate pain sufferers. It supports the flow of blood through its work as a vasodilator. Blood capillaries can contract and expand properly after thymol in arnica oil is put to work. Fluid transportation in the body is enhanced by thymol also.

Trapped fluid in joints, muscles and bruised tissues are decongested by the activities of white blood cells; arnica oil does stimulate the white blood cells is used.

Why is Arnica Oil needed? (Benefits)

A homeopathic application of arnica solution to areas on the body of sportsmen who suffered aches, spasms, pulled muscles and rheumatic pains led to relief and eased soreness. Benefit: Sportspersons can begin to boost their overall health and performance using arnica solutions and oils.

Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS results when an individual, not used to certain demanding and strenuous activity or exercises, sets out to do it. The discomfort is after-reactions which usually surfaces 10 to 24 hours post-activity. Benefit: With arnica oil and solutions, sports people, hikers, public speakers, and individuals who may be involved in a high-stress activity can smile and be at ease.

Arnica oil benefits extend to sufferers of sprains, bruises, and swelling due to fractures. Benefit: Athletes, accident victims, and people suffering from bone-related matters.

Arnica oil, applied with homeopathic techniques, is effective in the treatment of insect bites and stings. Benefit: Adventurers, researchers, rural dwellers, and zookeepers and animal handlers, and persons in the jungles of Africa and other places.

Hair loss can be treated with diluted arnica oil. If applied to your scalp, the oil stimulates the increase of local blood circulation. This promotes hair growth. Benefit: Aged people, celebrities and persons in show business, fashionistas, and makeup clientele.

A clinical trial report suggests arnica oil may be effective in relieving osteoarthritis pain. Benefit: Aged people.

 Arnica oil benefits

Can One Produce Arnica Oil At Home? (Read below)

Yes! There are ways to go about producing the oil to enjoy arnica oil benefits. Steam distillation or CO2 extraction is expensive. Try the solar infusion method. The energy of the sun is employed to extract beneficial properties of the herbs. The method offers energetic healing to the process and product.


Large glass jar;
Dried arnica flowers; and
3. Oil (Use either olive, avocado or fractionated coconut oil. Any of these have stable shelf period).

1. Put arnica flowers to fill three fourth of the glass jar;

Fill the jar with oil and close it;
3. Then pick a sunny spot around your house and place the jar. I place mine on my rooftop. Leave for 2 weeks, but shake once each of those days; and
3. After straining the flowers with hands, take it out of the jar. Your medicinal arnica oil is ready to use!

What are Ways to Use Arnica Oil?

Rub a small amount on a bump, bruise or area of pain. Do this 3-4x daily until the area is healed.
2. For muscle soreness, massage the area with arnica oil.
3. Use arnica oil as a preventative for muscle soreness. Apply before and after strenuous activities. This helps prevent stiffness that often occurs the following day(s).
4. For menstrual pains, rub arnica oil over your abdomen.

Good luck!