best oil for hair growth and thickness

Improve Hair Growth And Thickness Using Natural Organic Oils

Most women desire beautiful, thick, natural, glowing hair. Sometimes, due to stress and mental strain, she tends to experience hair loss or breakage. Hair loss in both men and women can be hereditary, or as a result of low vitamin level, hormonal changes, protein deficiency and a whole lot of other issues. If yours is caused by vitamin deficiency, improve your diet with the inclusion of foods that are rich in vitamins. But if it’s as a result of a constant application of synthetic products, then you have to consider buying natural hair products to improve your hair growth.

Before choosing the best oil for hair growth and thickness, ensure they are organically grown crops because they are free from pesticide residue. Likewise, their method of extraction should be taken into consideration if you aim for quality hair product i.e. they should be harvested from seeds of plants through the extraction process. Oil experts say the best method for extracting oil is the cold-press method. This way, the oil is not damaged. But with a heat-pressed process, the oil is likely to be damaged. You can easily spot a cold-press oil through its fresh odor and transparent color. Avoid artificial fragrance but opt for pure natural fragrance.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the five best oil for hair growth and thickness. These are not moisturizers, rather they are natural organic oils that can remedy your hair loss by improving hair growth and increase hair thickness.

  • Castor Oil

Most women desire beautiful, thick, natural, glowing hair. Sometimes, due to stress and mental strain, she tends to experience hair loss or breakage. If you’re looking for essential oil with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, look no further because it is present in castor oil. With its low molecular weight, Castor oil is easily absorbed into the skin to clear the scalp of irritants and bacteria. When used to massage the scalp, it clears pores and increases blood circulation creating a more desirable condition for healthy growth. The presence of ricinoleic acid, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acid moisturize the hair and scalp to reduce dandruff. It helps to stimulate blood circulation and natural conditions the hair. Castor oil is used today to remedy hair growth and is described as the new
hair growth miracle.

best oil for hair growth and thickness

  • Coconut Oil

Asideimproving hair growth, coconut oil moisturizes and brightens the hair. It is indeed the best oil for hair growth according to the Ayurveda. This is a holistic science that originated over 5000 years ago in Asia. Coconut oil is the go-to oil for hair growth and thickness in Ayurveda. That’s why most South Eastern Asian women have gorgeous and amazingly long, thick and silky hair. The reason was that the base oil in much homemade hair growth recipe was coconut oil.

Coconut oil contains chain triglycerides such as capric acid, lauric acid, caprylic acid, myristic acid and so on. This constituent enables it to have a smaller molecular structure which gives it the ability to penetrate deep easily into hair follicles. That way, it nourishes the hair and revitalizes it. For optimal result with coconut oil, apply to hair before washing to prevents protein-loss in hair strands. Protein loss in the hair happens to be a common feature of hair loss. Coconut oil also protects the scalp from dryness, dandruff or even lice. It also protects the hair from other environmental conditions and intense heat styling. It contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties and also rich in vitamin E and K. The iron property moisturizes and causes the hair to glow.

  • Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil is found in the Middle East and it’s used in the treatment of the different ailment. Many people have recorded amazing result from using this oil. It contains amino acids, calcium, fatty acids, zinc as well as essential vitamins and minerals responsible for thick long hair. Black seed oil also contains strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect hair follicles. It also prevents hair loss resulting from inflammatory and radical conditions.

  • Rosemary Oil

This oil is not only used for hair growth but it is also used to improve memory and aid mental clarity. It contains key ingredients that reverse hair loss and boost hair growth. It also stimulates the scalp and increases blood circulation, thereby ensuring all hair follicles are nourished with nutrient-rich blood. This nurture the formation of new hair and also strengthens existing hairs.

Rosemary oil also helps you maintain your natural hair color and prevent graying. It also reduces dry scalp and hair loss.

  • Peppermint Oil
best oil for hair growth and thickness

Peppermint oil just like rosemary oil has rich characteristics. It is known to aid digestion and used for muscular relief. It has antibacterial priorities as well. The oil is extracted from its peppermint leaves through steam distillation. The reason why it is considered one of the best oil for hair growth and thickness because of its pleasant, tingling sensation. The sensation stimulates hair follicles and awakens dormant hair. It also strengthens weak hair and encouraging the formation of new hair. For optimal result, massage vigorously to hair scalp. This gives a tingling, invigorating sensation that helps blood circulate properly. A rich healthy hair always stands out. Using the best hair oil for growth and thickness is very essential.

Good luck.